The Art of Texting Girls

Texting girls is an art. A lot of men that get a girl’s number for the first time usually start the conversation to some extent, whether they call or send a message, but usually, most guys take the easy route and send a message that fails from the start.  After that, they begin to make up excuses such as she didn’t like them because of their appearance, or one of a laundry list of others. More often than not however, it comes from something they said or didn’t say in that first text message.

There are three purposes behind sending a girl a text if you want anything other than a new friend:

1) Trying to start a connection between you and said girl

2) Wanting to stay in touch until you see her again

3) Making an effort to bring the relationship to a point where you can safely flirt

But before we can start talking about the messages themselves, we need to talk about some serious mistakes that are often made when texting girls.

1) Useless messages that bear no meaning. Messages like “how’s it going?” or “what’s up” are just the same messages she gets every day, from any other guy that’s into her, so why should she answer you?

2) If you send her a text every hour, then trust me, she will never reach the point of anticipating your message because she will be certain one is coming, and soon. There is no intrigue if you are predictable.

3) The final mistake is when a guy tries to have a conversation texting, instead of pressing the call button. Text messages are not intended for people to get to know each other.

Every time you send her a text, there should be an element of fun and flirtatiousness. Never send a text that doesn’t provide insight into who you are. Just be careful not to reveal too much at once, as that will kill that anticipation we discussed before.

Every woman wants a man that she will love to spend time with, so if she’s bored from the get-go…well…you can figure out what happens next.

So to make sure we’re on the same page:

1) Each text message must contain value. What do I mean by that? Think of something that she doesn’t have to answer, but would drive her crazy until she does. For example, “I was working and for some reason you popped up in my head, so I just wanted to say hi”. It gives her a reason to get back to you. If for nothing else than to find out why she was on your mind. Of course, she’s been on your mind all day, but you should make her feel like it was something spontaneous.

2) Keep it short. If you write long messages, you slowly become predictable. Think of it like a movie trailer. Just enough to get her attention, but not enough to give away the whole film.

3) Have you ever waited for her answer to your message for few hours, maybe even a day or two? Join the club. Most of us have. You know why? There were no roller coaster effects in your text messages. If you normally answer back within few minutes, you again become predictable. It doesn’t hurt to reply right away every once in a while, but switch it up. Five minutes, a half hour, three hours, 25 minutes, etc. Keep her guessing when that next message is coming.

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